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Win-Win Compensation Package  

Let's accept it that Compensation Package is often a primary motivator for work. When you are setting your financial goals and preparing for salary negotiations, please consider these tips in negotiating a win-win compensation package.

You should understand that there will always be budgetary and internal equity issues for the Recruitment Manager to consider, but if you can show your value relative to what the incumbent was earning or what others might be making, you will give him or her good reason to consider going to bat for you.

  • Don't base your salary expectations solely on your current earnings
  • Establish what your priorities are and how compensation factors into the equation
  • Demonstrate your worth to the interviewer by detailing your accomplishments and what they have meant to the bottom line of your current or past employers
  • Don't get bogged down in conversations about your current earnings if they are not relevant to the position being discussed
  • Ask the interviewer to describe the salary range rather than suggesting what you are hoping to earn
  • Leverage other factors to your advantage such as a forthcoming salary increase or that you're assessing other potential employment situations
  • Bottom line, think big picture

If everything about the offer matches your criteria - job description, reporting manager, working environment, and company policies and mission - get the best compensation package you can while letting the Recruitment Manager know you are the best candidate for the job.




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