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Leverage the Job Interview  

It is proven to be a good tactic in any high-stress situation. As you arrive early for the interview (at least 15 minutes), and you are waiting to be called in, mentally prepare for your interview. Picture the interview going smoothly, the interviewer asking questions, and you're answering them perfectly. Imagine the interviewer telling you that you seem perfect for the job as you leave even more excited about the position. These are some of the things that should be going through your mind. Just try it -- mental visualization worked for many and it will work for you.

A Recruitment Manager will want to choose a candidate who will represent the company well. In evaluating candidates, he will consider the following factors -

  • Ability to undertake the particular position
  • Character - politeness in dealing with people
  • Loyalty - bond of trust with the employers
  • Initiative - assertiveness in business activities
  • Personality - life style, enthusiasm
  • Communication skills - clear and effective
  • Acceptance - ability to listen others
  • Work record - experience to execute the job
  • Academic - educational background
  • Recommendations - professional references

Therefore, please take care of the following -

  • Look clean and neat. Make sure that your hair is done appropriately. Make sure your nails are trimmed and that they are clean.
  • Dress for Success; Wear a tie - even if you will never wear one after you get the job. Shoes should be leather - clean and polished - black is best. Please enquire about the Dress code in advance.
  • Visit company's Web site to read about its direction, services and/or products, annual reports, current media coverage, competitors, etc.
  • Give a firm, full-handed handshake with members of both sexes on the interview panel.
  • Act professionally; demonstrate or communicate your experience & skills; show enthusiasm and always display loyalty to your former employers.
  • Review Resume Key Points; your resume is the potential employer's outline of your career-and in most cases, the basis of questions asked during the interview. Make sure you are prepared to provide details and expand on key points - prepare a few success stories to highlight your strengths.
  • Main tain a conversational flow; use feedback questions at the end of your answers and use body language and voice intonation to create a conversational interchange between you and the interviewer.
  • Listen carefully; ask intelligent and relevant questions like - What is your corporate culture? What differentiates your company from your competition? How would you describe the most successful employees in your company?
  • In this Hi-tech world, Job interview with the outstation candidates are generally conducted using Video-conferencing and/or Telephone facilities to save time, efforts and costs. Please follow the above steps for attending a Job Interview in Video-conferencing, however, in the event of Telephonic interview; please ensure that it is audible both the sides, wish the interviewers according to their time (in case of different time zones i.e. US-India, UK-India, Australia-India), before getting onto the business, please spend few minutes talking in general about the current affairs of the particular place. 

The following may not be directly asked, but you should address them -

  • How can you increase the company's profits?
  • How can you further develop their product line?
  • How can you increase the efficiency of their existing systems?
  • How can you help their business grow?
  • How can you help their department prosper?
  • How can you make your manager look good?

You have to cross the finish line, just as you have to close the sale of yourself in the interview. The end of the interview is your time to close with positive notes; like -

  • Actually, I'd like to know how I should proceed from here. Should I contact you or will you be in contact?
  • How soon will I hear from you?
  • What is the process from here?

Always thank the interviewer for spending his time with you saying that it was a learning experience.


Congratulations! You have won the desired Job and the company is awaiting your acceptance of the employment offer and confirmation about the start date.

Most of the companies want the selected candidate to join them "as of yesterday". Please do not tell them that you have a three months notice period with your current employer. They know it very well.

It will be appropriate to ask them clearly whether they would like to buy your notice period from your existing employer, so that you can join early.

Please give a definite date no longer than 2 - 3 weeks and stick to the same. While it is good not to burn bridges once the current employers know that you have decided to leave them they loose interest in you.




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